The related information of automatic computerized stripper


The developing direction of the full automatic computerized stripper comes to micro mode, high frequency and also environmental protection.

The stripping method is from manual operation to present mechanical stripping which automatic and controlled by the computer, its mainly modes include: sheath stripper, row linear stripper, cable stripper and other high scientific technology products, and the Chinese industry of wire processing appears prosperous, and position of worldwide NO.1 wire processing center is enhanced.

The automatic computerized is a full automatic advanced technology and numerical equipment, which is widely applied in the industries of electronics, vehicle spare parts, electrical appliance, motor, light, tools and all kinds of wire processing. It is automatically adjust the cutting length, wire feeding and discharging, timing set for start, it will automatic stop when there is no wire or wire jam. The pressing button is designed in three dimensional, easy operation, computerized control, the parameters of wire length, wire head, wire tail and stripping length could be set. The blade is sharp and durable, especially when stripping fabric high temperature wire, there is no fabric edge around the stripped part. The stripping speed is adjustable and high efficiency with good quality.

The automatic computerized stripper has the device of wire straightening and stripping. The cutting tools and wire straighten device is on the machine seat, the cutting tools is set within the travel distance of the straightening device. It is mainly used for stripping the long wire end, which has the good effort:

1. Complete the working procedures of wire straightening, stripping to increase the working efficiency, and the quality of processed product is good; 2 for the long wire, it strips both ends of the wire, high working efficiency with good quality. 3. Simple structure, continuous working actions which can precise control each part and finish each action.

The wire feeding sequence on the automatic stripper machine is wire feeding device, cutting and stripping device and wire stacker. Its main advantages include: it could automatically feeding in fixed length, cutting, stripping and crimping without any labor force, the production line equipments are safe and automatic, therefore, this machine is high working efficiency, low power consumption, and the processed product is stable, high precision which is applicable for the batch production in the industry.



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