NEPCON Vietnam 2016 exhibition report


To develop the international market, expand the export of our country's electronic products and help BOZWANG with a famous brand, our company has joined the exhibition of NEPCON Vietnam 2016 in HOCHIMINH city Vietnam on 6-8th October. This period of exhibition is the most influential and representative exhibition in the electronics in Vietnam.

As the leader of wire harness automatic equipment processing industry, BOZWANG has attracted thousands of visitors in the exhibition with warm atmosphere and unique color. The exhibition equipments have obtained consistent high praise from the electronic industry,whether in the terms of equipment choose or the booth design, BOZHIWANG shows ingenuity. It has demonstrate the leading wire harness processing solutions, and shows the innovation and creativity of China’s electronic equipment manufacturing.

During the 3days exhibition ,our booth NO P15 has attracted numerous visitors, also our staff always communication with exhibitors patiently with full enthusiasm. Visitors shows a keen cooperation intention after they has a certain understanding with the equipment.

Today the automatic equipment industry is surging forward, grasp the demand is grasp tomorrow. BOZWANG will provide solutions for wire harness automatic processing industry with more mature and professional attitude which will contribute prosperity and development of the electronic product manufacturing industry.



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