Electronica India & Productromica India 2016 Report


The Munich (India) electronic components and production equipment exhibition in 2016 year successfully came to an end

September 21-23th, our company with our exclusive agent in the Indian market attended the "Munich (India) electronic components and equipment exhibition". The exhibition in this year is the largest, most famous and professional electronic components and production equipment exhibition in the world, which has attracted thousands of visitors.

During the three days, we displayed such our products, as computerized wire stripping machines, fully automatic terminal machines, new energy wiring harness processing equipments, precise terminal machines, servo terminal machine, and etc. We has received more than 1500 foreign visitors and have signed sales contracts on the spot. It turned out that we’ve received a good effect from this exhibition.

Although the exhibition is over, our company Bozhiwang will never stop its step. Standing on the position of the customer, we actively research, develop and create more advanced automation equipments. We constantly improve the competition of products, and strive to be the leader in the global wire equipment industry, contributing our whole life to the world wire harness processing industry!



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