Cable for automobile charging relates to the technical field of cable manufacture.


Cable for automobile charging relates to the technical field of cable manufacture.

The charging cable comprises 4 sheathed layers and cable cores. On the outside of cable cores position the first highly flame-retardant winding layer, thermoplastic polyurethane inner sheath layer, the first copper wire woven shielding layer and a thermoplastic polyurethane outer sheath; the cable core consists of four shares, three shares of the insulated conductor signal control line, per share respectively include first soft insulated conductor copper conductor, outside the first soft copper conductor is wrapped the composite Fluor plastic insulating layer; each signal control line respectively comprises second soft copper conductors are mutually twisted, outside each second soft copper conductors are respectively coated with a polyethylene insulating layer; the lateral second soft copper conductor two polyethylene insulation layer are twisted in the parcels are sequentially arranged second high flame retardant winding layer, second copper wire woven shielding layer and a sheath layer in PVC. The charging wire has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, and the utility model is suitable for the occasions with high requirements for automobile charging.

882DH50-WX .jpg

Introduction of latest product:

1.The new product BZW-882DH50-WX is mainly aimed at simultaneous cutting and stripping process on the insulation and cores for the whole coil of round sheathed cable and the flat sheathed cable as required. It can feed wire for processing;

2.Wire feeding method: belt conveyor precisely feeds wire without any marks on the surface;

3. Servo driven, subdivision mode controls the length of processing with high precision;

4. Display: touch screen display, 7 Inch Touch screen, can be switched in English and Chinese;

5 Mode of operation: it can realize functions of semi-automatic manual work of length measurement, stripping, cutting, multi-layer and middle stripping, and automatic production record, easy to operate, thus greatly improves the efficiency.



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