How to identify the quality of the stripping machine


How to identify the quality of the stripping machine

In the present market, the outer appearance of all kinds of stripping machine are almost the same that it is hard to identify its quality, therefore, the following steps teach us how to identify its quality.

Tools / raw materials

Wire stripper

Wire materials


Wire feeding roller

Steps / methods:


Stripping speed: the high scientific technology and automatic equipment is used to reduce the labor cost, increase its production efficiency and produce high quality products. For the common quality stripper, its capacity is about 1000-3000times/hour, for the good quality stripper, the stripping speed could reach 3000-8000 times/hour, which is a direct way to identify the quality of the machine.


Stripping error:

The machine is controlled by computer, therefore, the error rate is much less than the manual type. But for the different quality, the error rate are also different, generally, the error rate of good quality stripper could be controlled within permillage mm.


Stripping quality:

For the bad quality stripper, sometimes, the processed wires are in different lengths, crimping track left on the jacket, damage on the copper core, uncleanly stripping and etc. but for the good quality stripper, the above conditions could be avoided.


Stripping sound:

For the bad quality stripper, the working noise is very large, but for the good one, its working sound is very low.


Product certificate:

For the products that could gain the national certificate and related approve, sometime its quality could be guaranteed


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