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Installation Service

A large measure of BOZWANG’s success to date is because of its commitment to its customers. When we speak of our focus being on people here, we are referring to both our employees and our key customers and agents across the world who dedicate to do business with us.

We will continue to accommodate our valuable and loyal customers heartfeltly.

1. Generally, we only provide installation service for full automatic machines, but we can make expectations for simple machines if customers really need on-site service(expense will be borne by customers).

2. Installation of the machinery and equipment of BOZWANG is conducted in customers’ workshop. The following safety measures have been formulated to guarantee smooth and safe operation of equipment.

3. All the operators in the workshop shall have received training on the code of conduct and operation rules and abide by them inside the workshop.

4. BOZWANG’s technical specialist shall take sufficient consideration to the contents, time and means of operation, and safety problems that may arise during and before operation each day, and shall put forth detailed written reports and solutions. Installation shall not be started until such report and solutions are approved.

5. Dispatch a full-time safety administrator to conduct a comprehensive inspection during installation and maintain safety records.

Ordinary Operations:

1. Power and other facilities in the factory shall not be used until approved by the customer.

2. Conduct spot inspection before using electrical tools, etc., and the use of damaged tools is forbidden.

3. Bulky pieces shall be carried by two or more persons, and the surrounding conditions shall be taken into consideration.

4. Do not pile or hang articles on the manufacturing equipment, supplementary lines or pipes.

5. Conduct routing training, inspection and confirmation during and after operation.

6. Articles such as materials and tools to be transported to the workshop shall be carried into the workshop through the appointed entrance.

7. Relevant measures shall be taken in the event of moving or using heavy objects lest the factory buildings or facilities be damaged.

8. Place materials and tools in order at the appointed place for maintenance, and post a sign indicating”temporary storage”.

Electrical Operation:

1. In principle, working with or operating live wires by a single person is forbidden.

2. Do not touch electrical equipment with sweaty/wet hands or wearing wet clothes.

3. Temporary wire for installation shall not be placed on walkways.

4. Wires with damaged insulation covering shall not be used.

5. Accept inspection by the customer after operation.

6. It is strictly forbidden to operate various electrical switches inside the factory building.



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