BZW-DL-1200Cable feeding system for big cable

BZW-DL-1200Cable feeding system for big cable

Product description
1. Suitable for computerized wire cutting and stripping machine for big power cable,to ensure the stability of wire feeding;

2. Effectively saving production cost and raising the productivity.

3. It can be custom-made if customer requires.

Technical parameters

1、Material of the cable tray: wooden or plastic

2、Cable tray outer diameter range(Φ):800-1200mm.

3、Cable tray inner diameter:80mm(other size can be special ordered)

4、Bearing weight range:0-2000

5、Feeding speed: adjustable

6、Motor power:5.5kw

7、Power: 380V/50Hz

8、Weight:About 400KG

9、Dimension :4000 x1700 x1800mm

Product Video


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