BZW-07+Q Pneumatic mute copper belt crimping machine

BZW-07+Q Pneumatic mute brass belt crimping machine

Product features

1.Designed for wires required for riveting together, it replaces the traditional soldering together of wires with brass belt crimping, without cold solder and air pollution , and it is easiest and most effective way to pass safety test of UL,JIS . With humanization design, it is easy to operate.

2.Using advanced frequency converting control and new type of pneumatic feeding device, with quick activating & accurate feeding, stable crimping performance; Point control and saving time of adjusting .

3.With continuous brass belt terminal, it can finish the processes of cutting, shaping and crimping in one time without scraps, saving cost. Brass belt processed by special lines, and after riveting, the tension-resistant will be particularly strong, which ensures the stable quality. Equipping with straight/curved applicator can offer crimping connection for different products.

4.Rich built-in functions, with adjustable crimping speed, force , times, and electronic counting.

5.Energy saving type, low noise, and first priority for pursuing cost performance.

6.Feeding by high performance cylinder, with high precision, and error free in feeding

Technical parameter

Cable diameter1.0-5.5 mm (larger size can be specially ordered)
Cutting depth0.01mm
Stripping length0.1-60mm
Cutting length70-9999mm
Stripping moderotary tool + stripping tool
Stripping layer9 layers
Toolimported tungsten steel + imported high speed steel
Capacity450-600 pcs/h (it depends on the type and length of the wires)
Dimension800 x 700 x 440 mm
Working environment-5—45℃, medium drying workshop, non-vibrating working platform
Functionmainly processing the coaxial cable and special single wire.

Product video


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