BZW-886A Computerized coaxial cable stripper

BZW-886A Computerized coaxial cable stripper

Product features

It is especially used for processing the coaxial cable and special single wire, which uses advanced rotary blade frame to increase the processing precision and speed. It uses special axis positioning device and rotary blade, its max. Stripping layer is about 9 without changing the blade; it can process the wires in many dimensions.

Technical parameters

The max. Processing wire diameter6.99mm
The min. processing wire diameter0.81mm
Cutting depth0.01mm
The max. stripping length48mm
The max. stripping layers9 layers
Drive Modelmotor/ball screw driving
Displaying touching screen
Blade materials2 pieces, imported tungsten steel.
Clamping deviceautomatic centralized, motor driving, clamping force control
Capacity500-700 pcs/h (it depends on the type and length of the cable)
Machine starting methodmanual/sensitive
Power supply220V/50hz
Outer dimension 190 x 285 x 530 mm
Working environment50℃, Medium drying workshop, without vibrating working table

Product video


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