BZW-3.0+GF Automatic PV wire linked terminal crimping machine

BZW-3.0+GF Automatic PV wire linked terminal crimping machine

Product feature

1. This advanced equipment has the higher level of processing ability and precision, mainly aimed at the processing the PV wire with linked photovoltaic terminals;

2. Full closed loop flexible wire feeding system, rubber belt feeding device to protect the wire surface from damaging, increasing the wire feeding accuracy;

3. It uses network drive system to meet the industrial processing requirement of the PV wire. 4. Import servo motor drive, to ensure high precision, high efficiency and high stability;

5. Industrial computer operating system, operation easy and simple;

6. Equipment debugging iscombined with manual and automatic mode, which will make debugging process be more faster and easier;

7. Servo crimping system, crimping compression ratio is stable, to meet the requirements of cross section analysis.

Technical parameters

1. Wire range: 4-6mm2 (Other size can be special ordered)

2. Cutting length: 60-99999mm(Other size can be special ordered)

3. Cutting precision: ±(0.2%*L+1)mm

4. Stripping length:0.1-18.5mm

5. Feeding speed: Max. 8.0 m/s

6. Crimping force: 30KN

7. Voltage: 220V 50HZ

8. Air supply: 0.5 Mpa-0.7 Mpa,8m3/h

9. Weight: about 1100kg

10. Dimension: 3500*1200*1700mm

11. Detecting ability: wire knotting, wire lacking, terminal lacking, air pressure ,bare wire and lack of terminal crimping detecting;

12.Applicator range: OTP applicator, European applicator and pneumatic applicator

13. It can be equipped with pressure monitoring system, monitoring the pressure during the whole processing and 100% traceability.

14. Function: automatic wire cutting, wire single end striping and double end stripping/half stripping/ terminal crimping(it is optional);


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