BZW-3.0+TF Automatic terminal crimping machine with multi-stations

BZW-3.0+TF Automatic terminal crimping machine with multi-stations



BZW-3.0+TF is a multi-station automatic crimping machine with high precision, high speed and reliability.

It can be installed with a variety of different processing stations.

It can meet the special processing requirements of automotive,

electronic wires on one machine; (special cable processing can be ordered).



NO.1 Computer system, the operation interface is simple, reasonable, easy to learn and understand,

all application parameters can be easily set and stored, such as harness data, crimp data and waterproof seal data;

NO.2 EtherCAT bus servo control system, combined with reasonable and reliable mechanical transmission structure, achieves high precision and stability;

NO.3 All imported SMC pneumatic components, highly efficient and stable, and has a long service life;

NO.4 Reliable closed loop flexible wire feeding system with rubber belt feeding device protects the surface of the wire from the damaging, increasing the feeding efficiency;

NO.5 Equipped with CFM device, unqualified product can be eliminated and reclaimed to reach 100% qualified rate.



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